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LAshX Mink Eyelash Extensions™

Finally, a lash extension system that improves lash health! Individual eyelash extensions applied to each lash by one of our highly trained lash artists. LAshX® is the most luxurious, safest, and healthiest brand of lash extensions and aftercare on the market, created to improve your natural lash health and growth.

Full sets includes a complimentary 10-day touch up. Extensions last 6-8 weeks between fills with proper at home care.


One individual faux mink lash bonded to each and every natural hair for a dark and defined look.  Our master artists will help you choose the right curl, length and thickness to create your desired look!

Full Set : $325.00

Half Set: $250.00

Touch Up : $175.00

Mini Touch Up: $100.00 (within 2 weeks of last service)


Fuller more dramatic look generated by adding hand made fans of extensions bonded to each hair to a classic application. Natural lashes will remain healthy and thrive with our patented products and techniques.

Full Set: $380.00

Touch Up: $200.00

Mini Touch Up: $115.00 (within 2 weeks)


The ultimate in glamour, LAshX Volume technique creates lush fans of lash extensions that improve lash health at the same time. For lashes that turn heads.

Full Set: $430.00

Touch Up: $250.00

Mini Touch Up: $125.00 (within 2 weeks of last service)


Application of eyelash extensions to the bottom lid of lashes,. Your stylist will help you create an eye framing look that balances and renders your mascara useless!

Full Set: $50.00


Finally, get perfect eyebrows! Brow extensions look and feel real and last 2-3 weeks at a time.

Eyebrow Extension Full Set: $125.00

Eyebrow Extensions Fill: $85.00


One Night: $25.00
Individual clusters applied to the lashes, lasting one night.

One week: $50.00
Individual clusters applied to the lashes, lasting up to one week.


Lash Lift: $100.00 (lasts up to 3 months)

LASH VIP Membership

Lash obsessed?  Become a member and save 10% on all services and LAshX products.

LASH VIP Membership: $99.00/Year

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Mandy Half Day rate: $1000.00

Mandy Full Day Rate (10hrs): $1800.00


All client needs are determined & reviewed during every consultation to ensure each treatment is unique.

Custom Jan Marini Facial $125.00 & Up
90 Minute session includes Enzyme cleansing, steam ozone treatment, exfoliation, extraction as needed, massage, custom mask, serum, moisturizer & SPF application.

Glow & Go $85.00 OR Package of 6 $450.00
Quicky pick me up! This is best in a series and gives serious benefits including, reducing lines, pigmentation, tightening skin, clarifying and brightening. Includes cleansing, enzyme peel, hydrating mask, vitamin serum finished with moisturizer & SPF.

Peel Resurfacing Starting at $65.00
Formulated to promote cellular turnover, increase skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of fine lines, winkles, sun damage & Hyperpigmentation. Treatments are customized for each client with an option for light, medium or deep penetration.

LightStim® LED Therapy Facial $125.00 OR Package of 5 for $625.00
Brightening, tightening, hydrating and anti-aging treatment. Includes cleaning, PhotoSerum and PhotoMask for enhanced LED results followed by Vitamin C serum, moisturizer and SPF.

LightStim® LED Therapy Treatment Membership 12 Sessions for $425.00
Come enjoy our LightStim panel with PhotoMask whenever you’d like in our waiting area to upkeep your results!

DermaSmooth Facial with LightStim® LED Therapy Treatment $150.00

Manual exfoliation & removal of vellus facial hair followed by a 20 minute LightStim treatment with PhotoMask to increase blood flow and oxygen as give you the brightness you’ve been dreaming of!

Add On Services

Dermaplaning, LightStim® LED Therapy Treatment, Collagen Mask, High Frequency, Hand, Eye & Lip treatments, Paraffin Wax

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Individually priced based on style and hair quality. Includes complementary consultation.

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Personal Design: $40.00
Complete Eyebrow shaping custom to your needs. May include a combination of tweezing and waxing.

Eyebrow Waxing: $30.00
Maintain that beautiful shape.

Lip Waxing: $12.00

Ear Wax: $12.00

Nose Wax: $12.00

Sideburns Wax/Thread: $14.00

Chin Wax/Thread: $10.00

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Lymphatic Drainage Treatment. this gentle massage feels like a hug from a cloud and helps the body detox and lose water weight.  Clinicals show loss of 2 dress sizes after 6 weeks or 3 treatments a week.

40 Minute session Upper or Lower Body: $150.00

Lash and Lean: $99.00

Add a Ballancer treatment to any service

Ballance & Brighten: $125.00

Enjoy a Ballancer treatment session while soaking in the benefits of the LightStim® LED Therapy Treatment Panels.

Red Carpet Treatment: $999.00

The Ballancer results are best experienced with regular treatments of three sessions a week for 4 weeks.

12  40 minute treatments of upper or lower body.
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