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The LAshX Difference

Beautiful healthy lash extensions featuring the LAshX system

Healthier More Beautiful Lash Extensions With LAshX 

At Makeup Mandy we believe that the key to beautiful lash extensions is healthy lashes. The LAshX System is the only extension system that improves your natural lash health while giving the longest retention possible, saving you time and money.

Being sensitive and becoming allergic to all other adhesives on the market, Mandy wanted to create a better adhesive. The result was our Speed Adhesive, hypoallergenic and long lasting, It is free of formaldehyde and irritating fumes. The adhesive together with our proprietary faux Mink lash creates a Flexi-hold bond meaning the natural hair is free to move preventing pulling and torque on the hair follicle. This provides longer wear time and more comfortable, healthier lashes. No toxic sealers are ever used or other unhealthy products. Lash lovers can care for their natural lashes and extend time between fills by using the LAshX Proliner or Treatment. These work to triple volume and length while extending the lash cycle by 46% .

LAshX Products are Paraben, Sulfate, Surfactant, Oil and Glycol free and Vegan!

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