Makeup Mandy™ Eye Do’s PRO Package


These fabulous faux-mink falsies are connected by an invisible strip, specially designed to mimic the look of individual lash extensions. Finally, get the look of stunning eyelash extensions with easy, at-home application. Strip lashes are reusable with proper care. Get 7-8 uses out of one pair!

Can’t get enough? With this PRO Package, get 3 pairs of each style at an addition 10% discount!

The Package Contains:

  • 3 Princess
  • 3 Emerald
  • 3 Vintage
  • 3 Fancy
  • 3 Radiant
  • 3 Classic
  • 3 Halo (unders)

…21 pieces total.

Faux Mink

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 4 × 5 in


  1. Sandy

    I have green eyes also, use browns and puplers, together or separate, use black mascara it will make more of a contrast. If you use puplers and browns together use the purple only in the crack of your eye lid, so only a hint or so of it shows, just enough to be there, and blend it on top with a medium brown, on the lid itself use a lighter brown and use that same light brown right under your brow, then a trick i learned was to take your blush and LIGHTLY blend IM me on yahoo messanger, ill show you how i do it on my webcam You can also use lighter shades of purple for a more dramatic affect

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