Lash Lover Combos: LAshX® Pro/Line Treatment + LAshX® Cleanse


Buy a LAshX® Pro/Line Treatment and get a LAshX® Cleanser 50% OFF!

LAshX® Cleanse

The LAshX® Lash Cleanse is 100% oil and glycol-free, making it the only product on the market that is completely eyelash extension safe. This product is one of the only that allows clients to clean their lashes safely, removing oil and bacteria, without containing any ingredients that would compromise the life of their extensions.

This gentle Lash Cleanse formula removes makeup and impurities without damaging the bonding agent used to secure the extensions. LAshX® Lash Cleanse features moisturizing ingredients like Pure Aloe, Silk Fibers and Chamomile Extracts to help keep extensions and natural lashes looking healthy and lush. This breakthrough formula promotes lash health and is infused with Panthenol-Pro-Vitamin B to help strengthen eyelashes.

LAshX® Pro/Line Treatment 

See amazing results in just two weeks!

Formulated with our proprietary peptide blend, this lash extension-safe LAshX® Pro/Line Treatment captures the latest in scientific advancement to strengthen and condition existing lashes while stimulating new growth in a safe and natural way.

Add this clear formula to your bedtime routine or morning regimen for fuller, longer lashes and brows!


Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 2 × 2 in


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